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Bob McCutcheon introduced Clan Stirling Online to Matt McGinn - perhaps the greatest Scottish Folk Singer of All Time.   His style, panache, and approch to life were so much like Bob's  - it was only appropriate that "The Red Yo Yo" and "Little Ticks of Time" were played at Bob's funeral.

Matt was born in 1928, in the Gallowgate, as Peter Kerr put it, one of Glasgow's less affluent areas, a bizarre part of the old town in whose tenement closes and back courts grew the seeds of his music, poetry, social observation and unique humour.  It is our hope his music will help those that didn't get a chance to meet Bob can learn about him from Matt's music.

They call me the two-heided man
Tho Amím no two-heided at a'
I had two when I was a lauddie
But one was knocked off by ma Maw,

And I donít blame her because the
Other one was worse than this one.

Matt McGinn