1997 News Article

Woodinville, WA November 18, 1997    Many of you have asked about a Stirling Tartan.  The pattern to the left is known as the Stirling & Bannockburn Tartan.  It is a "District Tartan", denoting persons from the area of Stirling and Bannockburn Scotland.  It is quite rare, and you usually must have it woven by special order.

StirlingBannock,jpgIf you have been to Scotland you will recognize the colors of this beautiful plaid are quite similar to the green vibrant hill's O' Stirling, the blues capture the colors of the forth, and the yellows reflect the golden colors of one of the most beautiful spots on this earth.

This beautiful tartan is called Stirling & Bannockburn, by most weavers in Scotland.


The name Stirling is listed as a sept of Clan MacGregor, but I have no information on how or why it is. I have written to the Clan MacGregor society asking for more information, so stay tuned.  What this means is you can also wear the Tartans of Clan MacGregor.  One interesting note: The house of Cawder, another large part of the Stirling family line is a sept of Clan Campbell!  The MacGregors and Campbell's didn't get along very well, so this is another very interesting part of our family history

"Ancient Stirling", the tartan to the right is another example of a Stirling District Tartan.   One interesting observation can be made of these patterns.  The Campbell Tartans have lots of Blue and Green in their patterns, while the MacGregors are almost entire Red's and whites.

The Stirling estate is located just north of Stirling, close to Bridge of Allyn and Dunblane.  There is also a district tartan for Dunblane, I will post a sample when I receive it.


Now there is a question!  Just which tartan is official is still unknown to the author.  I ordered the ancient Stirling plaid when having a kilt made for my wedding, because I happen to like Red...., that is what makes tartans so much fun.  Perhaps someday we will find out more about these Tartans and Clan Stirling-Sterling, and know once and for all which one is "offiical".

If anyone has more information about the Stirling Tartans and their history, PLEASE let me know so we can add it to this FAQ!

Linda Clifford from Vermont has a wonderful website outlining some of the difference patterns that are available from her Studio.  You can visit Linda's website to look at Stirling, Campbell, MacGregor and many other patterns at:  http://www.lindaclifford.com. Or you can click on the image below.

Linda is kind enough to offer a discount to Clan members on orders of five yards of material or more.  If you don't need five yards yourself, perhaps you can combine your order with another clan member.  The order need's to be placed by and shipped to one person. The discount is:

10% discount on 5 or more yards of one tartan (one pattern)
15% discount on 10 or more yards of one tartan (one pattern)

 Linda Clifford--The Knockomie Collection Handmade Pillows & Throws in Scottish Tartans Tartan Fabric & Kilts

Editors Note: In the Fall & Winter of 1999 The Scottish Tartan Society, and Family Members commisioned Stirling Tartan Historian Tony Murray to design four plaids for consideration and potential adoption as a "Stirling Family Tartan".  Once the four designs had been selected a open poll was conducted for all Stirling family members.  The Tartan Historical Society helped with the whole process.  A pattern was selected, weavers have been found, but the family us currently waiting for the chieftain of the family to approve the plaid that was selected by over 7,000 family members.  More information will be forth coming.