1997 News Article

Woodinville, WA November 22, 1997 -  The Stirling of Keir estate is located just a few miles from the Town of Dunblane, Scotland.  This Dunblane area has a district tartan available, and thanks to Linda Clifford, we now have a sample of what the pattern looks like.
Dunblane District TartanThe Dunblane District tartan is quite different than the two Stirling & Bannockburn Tartans that we listed earlier, this one has more reds, orange, and yellow colors in it.  This tartan is very rare and took some time to locate. 

We discovered in researching this  tartan it has been discontinued, although some weavers still have some inventory available for sale.  The tartan will continue to be woven by special order, and I have asked for the weavers threat pattern for those that may want to have their favorite weaver make some for them.

You may have heard about Dunblane before. It was in this beautiful city a gunman tragically killed a large number of school children before taking his own life at the school in the winter of 1995.  Three of the children killed were parishoners of the LeCropt parish Kirk, the kirk where the Stirling family have attended church for almost 300 years.  It is one of the most beautiful places in all of Scotland, and a must visit spot!