1997 News Article

Sir James Stirling of KeirWoodinville, WA November 16, 1997

For the first time, a few prints and paintings of The Stirlings of Keir are available in Photo Section.  Several new scans of some of the Lords of the Keir Estate and their family members  have been scanned and published, for your enjoyment.  These images were recorded in the book "The Stirlings of Keir", in 1857, published privately by Sir William Stirling Maxwell.

The images were scanned with a HP 4C scanner using Microsoft's Image Composer Software, at a high level or resolution, and stored in the popular .JPG format.

There is tremendous interest in the history of this family, and over time more information will be posted to the website.

The print shown here is Sir James Stirling of Keir.  He fathered 22 children in the late 17th Century.

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