1998 News Article

Crest.gifWoodinville, WA - May 12, 1998   Clan Stirling-Sterling became one year old with the sunrise early this morning, ending an exciting first year. 

Over 11,000 visitors have visited Clan Stirling from all over the world.  We have had guests from Scotland, America, Jamaica, India, many countries in Europe, Saudi Arabia, and even the far east, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.
And we are just getting started.

Many of you have found cousins, and links to your families  on Clan Stirling.  It is always so exciting when I receive news from you that you found a long lost cousin or Uncles sister, or figured out how your line of the family is related to others.  The most wonderful part of family history research is how much you learn about yourselves and what makes this incredible family such an enduring part of Scotland and America.

There are common traits that seem to show up in each branch of the Stirling family.  Traits that have been passed down from generation to generation, and ideals and values that are part of the Stirling character and mindset.

Who are we Stirlings?

We are an impatient lot.  The tombstone of George W. Sterling in Brooklyn, Susquehanna County Pennsylvania says it best "Work Done, Gone Home."

We love children.  Many Sterling families are quite large.   The largest family we have documented so far is James Stirling of Kier, and his wife Marion Stuart, who had 22 children.  Mind you this was in the 1690-1720 timeframe!

We are builders. Builders of Farms, Businesses, Minds - (more on this in a second), Science, Dams, machinery.

We are interested in the world around us.  We want to know what is going on in the world, all the time, every single day of the year.  We are much more interested in what IS happening, than what happened last week.

Study and Education are VERY important.  There are so many teachers, educators, Principals in these families I have lost count.  Over 250 years ago our ancestors were very active in setting up schools and education, and this has continued to the present day.  There are over 6 generations of teachers in my Sterling family line, and some of you have even more.

We are sentimental and kind to the less fortunate.  Many Sterling families opened their doors to foster care and adoption of children who's parents had tragically passed away.

We are usually physically large in stature, and strong of back and character.  The Sterling's come from an area of Scotland known for large people.

What will 1998-1999 bring?  The next twelve months get started with a bang, with a wonderful reunion for the Sterling Family scheduled for June 27th, 1998 in Connecticut.  Over 100 people have already committed to come, and more want to come if they can.

Thank you so much for your wonderful support and patience this past year.  My workload has not left me as much time to devote to the website as I would like, but you have not stopped supporting and contributing information.  There are a number of you that are planning on trips to Scotland this summer, please take some time to share with us the memories you will have when you get to Stirling, near Bridge of Allyn, Baldernock, or Angus, and feel that wonderful land tie you to such a wonderful family.  I am so proud of my Sterling heritage, I hope you are too.


Michael L. Jex
Webmaster - Clan Stirling-Sterling