2000 News Article

Dr. William Archibald Stirling MD, ( at left ) was perhaps the first Stirling to settle in Newfoundland, Canada. His brother John was also a doctor and early settler. This line of the family may trace their roots back through Ireland, as William was a founder of the Conception Bay Benevolent Irish Society. More information about these two brothers and more is available on Charles Stirling's excellent web site

The Stirlings of Newfoundland.

Charles Stirling provided the following information and goals about his web site

It is an as yet unrealized goal of mine, to make the link back across the Atlantic. I agree with you that William Archibald Stirling is probably Irish. For one thing, he was a member of the Benevolent Irish Society, and as far as I can determine, to be a member, you have to have been of Irish bloodlines. Also, research has shown that many of the Irish in Newfoundland originated from the counties located around the headlands of the River Suir. This is very interesting as William was the owner of a vessel named "Suir".

Not mentioned in the site is the fact that he was educated as a surgeon at the University of Edinburgh, as was his son William. Sometime when I have the time, I plan to travel to the UK to try and track him down. I believe that my best chance would be through Royal Navy Records, or through his connection to the University of Edinburgh.

Good luck!

Charles Stirling

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