2000 News Article

Feb. 1, 2000 - Salt Lake City, Utah Clan Stirling Returns to Scotland Day One

As the song says "The bags are packed we're ready to go, I'm standing here....

Well anyway, enough of that. Right now I'm waiting in Salt Lake Airport, hoarding one of the few power outlets for my laptop computer link to the world. After 12 months we're finally returning to Scotland.

Thanks to Rick Sterling & the Internet. this will be a news filled and fun event, as Clan Stirling Online is getting a free virtual ride too. Rick has recently become our Assistant Web master, he will be posting daily updates and reports from Scotland to Clan Stirling. News, announcements, events, research results, pictures, perhaps even interviews will be posted daily for your enjoyment. Thanks Rick!

This is the third time Clan Stirling Online has been to Scotland. How different this trip is compared to the first two.

However, now the focus is not on one Stirling family branch. Yesterday we received courtesy of Richard Starling over 40,000 extracts of Stirling births, christenings and marriages to post to the website. More and more materials are being sent to help all of us find our Stirling roots. The Stirling family is getting organized, the research focused, and this trip will show the difference.

No hotel or Bed and Breakfast stay this time either, deep and meaningful friendships will be rekindled and continued. No more searching for where the Scottish Genealogical Society is located in Edinburgh. (Yes, It can be hard to find.) No more getting lost on the M9, or confusion of which way is north, south east & east. No confusion on how the different branches of the family relate to each other. The lay of this wonderful land, the geography quickly helps you see and understand the relation between the Stirlings of Keir, The Stirlings of Kippendavie, Kippenross, Ayr, Airth, Strathblane, Campsie, Baldernock, Dunblane, Cadder, Glorat, Dumpelier, Faskine, Angus, and on and on.

Scotland is so very special. There is nothing quite like standing in the area where your family roots go back 1,000 years. The air, the wind, the sun, the mist, the green covered hills, all contribute to the perfume of what is Stirling. Overlooking it all are two majestic monuments to liberty, freedom and everything that means to be of Stirling CastleScottish heritage. On one side of the valley is the Wallace Monument, standing nobly and majestically not unlike William Wallace. On the other rocky crag is Stirling Castle, a centuries old centennial - the cradle for Freedom for much of the world. Many of the American Stirling's share a gift from our Stirling ancestors because they came to America and fought for freedom in the Revolutionary War. James Stirling of Cornwall did, as did many others. Those values and ideals were forged here, and one can feel it, sense it, and hear while talking to members of the Stirling community. Can't wait to get there...

This trip also has a purpose and a focus never before experienced. The level of research and information is at an all time high, thanks to many of you. Clan Stirling and some of the most well respected historians and researchers in Scotland will have a major announcement in the next two weeks regarding a historical and research trust, focused on bringing all the energy, history and emotion of this place to your doorstop. Stay tuned.

The Wallace Monument as seen from Stirling CastleWell as tattoo would say "Da Plane!" "Da Plane!" so it's time for the adventure to begin. Stop by and see what the Keir papers from Jamaica have to say about our Stirling family in that island country. Just what is up with A Scottish Genealogical and Historical Research Trust. These and a thousand other things are just waiting to be discovered in the next couple of weeks.

'Tomorrow - Jet Lag!'


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