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28 Feb. 2000 - Endicott, New York - The answer to a Common Question Did the Stirlings ever own the castle? 

A little Stirling Castle History (by William Richard Stirling) Assistant Webmaster Clan Stirling Online. The quick answer is no, the Stirling family never owned Stirling Castle. That being said, it should be noted that no one in the 1,300 plus year history of the castle really owned it, except the crowned heads of Scotland and England.

Control of the Castle passed back and forth between Scotland and England more times than can be numbered. The castle was under the control of the Earls of Mar , the Royal Stewarts, the Bruces and Sir William Oliphant ( among others ) , all were ancestors of James Stirling of Cornwall. The Stirling family through its marriages were intimately connected to the heart and soul of Scotland for over a thousand years.

Sir Archibald Stirling of Keir once was responsible for the life of the son of Mary Queen of Scots. The young boy who would become the first King of Scotland AND England as James the 1st and 6th (James 1st of England and James 6th of Scotland) was held at Stirling Castle by Sir Archibald. The story goes that when Queen Mary came to the castle to get her son, Sir Archibald refused her. Sir Archibald must have had some authority over the castle to accomplish this.

Suffice it to say that both James Stirling of Cornwall CT and his bride, Hannah May had extraordinary heritages.

William Richard ( Rick ) Stirling
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