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In 1787 Robert Burns - famous poet and National Hero of Scotland did the following after looking up to the castle - He etched a few lines on the window pane of his hotel room. The lines were not too well received at the time, so Burns smashed the pane. Here is what Robert Burns said about the state of the castle

Written By Somebody On The Window of an Inn at Stirling

Here Stuarts once in glory reigned,
And laws for Scotland's weal ordained;
But now unroof'd their palace stands,
Their sceptre sway'd by other hands;
Fallen indeed, and to the earth
Whence grovelling reptiles take their birth.
The injured Stuart line is gone,
A race outlandish fills their throne;
An idiot race, to honour lost ;
Who know them best despise them most.

The hotel is still open, in fact you can stay in the the same room Burns did. The name of this famous hotel is The Golden Lion. The hotel gets it's name from a large gilded lion named "Clarence" that watches the goings on from a lofty perch above the large Oak entryway. The hotel is located on King Street in Stirling, Scotland, just a few blocks down the esplanade from the castle. Several members of Clan Stirling have stayed the in hotel, say hello if you stop by.

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