2000 News Article

13 Feb. 2000 - Sheriffmuir, Near Bridge of Allan, Scotland. 

The Battle of Sheriffmuir was fought here in 1715 between supporters of the English King led by the Duke of Argyll and supporters of the Stewart's right to the throne led by John Erskine the Earl of Mar. It also happened on land owned then and now by members of the Stirling family of Kippendavie.

While it's only a few minutes from Bridge of Allan, this is a remote spot, and one can easily feel what happened here 285 years ago. It's a little hard for this American to imagine a section of land being in one families hands for over 300 years, longer than the USA has been a country. Stirling lands. Stirlings fought here supporting their families and friends, and the right to be Scottish.

Several large Cairns have been erected by various clans that took part in the battle, including the Stewarts of Apin. Sir James Stirling of Keir fought for the Jacobite cause, and he ended up in Dunbarton Castle wondering if he'd lose his head. There are a number of wonderful letters written by James to his wife in the Book the Stirlings of Keir. He wrote each time they stopped, hoping the line of communication would get through.

Today there is a foot of fresh snow on the hills, and there are a lot of people enjoying tubing and building snow forts and the like. Many families have activities together in Scotland, and many shops are closed today. Personally I think it's a wonderful sight to see Parents and children frolicking in the snow where there was once a terrible battle.

Thanks to the Internet I've contacted a research expert on the area around Baldernock, Scotland. Cross your fingers, with luck we may have more information on John Reid and Janet Angus soon.

The Scottish Genealogical and Historic Research Trust had another meeting last night, and began the process of expansion and preparation. We can't wait to bring more news once the legal paperwork is completed.

Today was a quiet day, time to reflect on all that has happened and to spend time with families and friends. Tomorrow is our last day here in Stirling, Tuesday morning it will be time to return to Idaho and deal with a great deal of snow. I hope all of you will continue to send in your comments and suggestions, and research that you are working on, one of the projects coming soon will to tie the various lines into a family tree so we can all start to see how the various branches work.