2000 News Article

26 Feb. 2000 Bloomington, Idaho - Busy Times at Clan Stirling Online. 

It's been a hectic week here at Clan Stirling Online, compiling and posting new information, setting up a new computer server, loading new artwork thanks to the capable hands of Rick Stirling, and a new look at the community of Clan Stirling. Thanks to our friends the Wee fairies and brownies, we've managed to get quite a bit o' work done for the clan.

FASTSTATS of Clan Stirling

This past month Clan Stirling entered into new territory, as February 2000 was the busiest month in history. At times our server was running over 85% capacity trying to keep up with all the requests. We are one of the busiest Clan Website on the Internet.  Rick and I sought out a new website analysis program to better manage the resources we have, plan better for the future and to see what was going on

The program immediately provided some interesting facts -


Visits Chart


Most of you use Windows 98, and Windows Internet Explorer 5 to visit the site with.

You've visited on average 2.29 times.

The Most Popular branch of the Sterling website is the Sterlings From Westmoreland & Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Most of you use the Altavista.com search engine to find us, followed by yahoo.com

The most popular search keywords are Stirling and Sterling.

This information may seem a little cryptic to some, but it will help Rick and I better configure and expand the system for our needs. One change we've made is to order our own domain for the website - it's just too busy to keep under the cryptic www . jex . org / stirling. So the website will have a new home in March - http://old.clanstirling.org. The page is up now, but there is nothing there yet. We will tell all of you when that happens, and the page on jex.org will automatically take you to the new page when the time comes.

What it will mean to you is the site will be faster and continue to have the space you need to post your information on the family. If you have Stirling information and have not sent it in, please do so! This past week we've had much success linking family trees in Canada, three lines have found links together and expanded their family tree. As soon as the updated information is available we will publish it on the website.

WHAT'S NEXT - The launch of Tartan sales will be coming soon along with other materials to help your research. A database of 40,000 plus Stirling names from Scotland will be added with on-line search capability. Rick and I are working on the construction of our new Stirling Library which as of yet is unnamed. All good libraries have a name - any suggestions? The bookstore will be launched with everything from Tartan, ties, to new books and pamphlets reprinted or made available to Clan Members.

New lines of the family will be posted for Canada and Australia.

Most of all the new website and domain will be the main focus.


Most of all Rick and myself want to thank you for the wonderful month of February. This truly is a labor of love for both of us, we are always grateful when you leave us comments and suggestions. Our Stirling heritage is near and dear to us like you, and we want our little corner on the Internet to feel cozy as a warm fire and your favorite beverage, but be as professional and organized as the best Archive in the World. After all there is a long heritage in the Stirling family of excellence and value.

It's been a special month, and with some luck even more surprises are coming in the days and weeks and months ahead. Please participate! Tell us what you like don't like, and all the rest.

Michael L. Jex