2003 News Article

Charm From Dunblane Cathedral


Dunblane Cathedral is less than three miles from the Stirling Family Estates of Kippendavie, Kippenross, Aird, Keir, and others.  The North Chapel at the Cathedral is dedicated to our Stirling Family.

Dunblane's Christian history dates from the 8th century, but there is ample evidence the Romans kept a camp nearby.  Because of it's fertile soil and ample water supply, there have been people living in the area for a very long time indeed.  There are many historical accounts, prints, pictures, and stories on Clan Stirling Online about Dunblane.  We encourage you to check out the search page, and take a tour through the postings about Dunblane at Clan Stirling Online.

If you visit Stirling, you MUST venture over to Dunblane.  The charm to the right is available at the Cathedral.

There are a number of excellent books about Dunblane, one of the best histories of the town was first published in 1944 by Alex B. Barty, B.Sc, LL.B.  It's titled "The History of Dunblane."