April 26, 2002 - Update A.M. Sterling Research from Lady

Albert Mack Sterling Update - 24 April 2002
by†Mary Sinner-Hendrickson

I thought I would take a moment to let you know how the research is going, on trying to find Albertís family related papers, photos, and such memorabilia.

After looking on search engines for the last name of CUTLER, in New York, and obtaining many email addresses, I have not yet heard from ANY of the email recipients. Cutler, as you will remember, is the last name listed in Albertís obituary, of his daughter. I suspect her husband was a well-known illustrator, and am checking on finding records pertaining to him, to substantiate this suspicion.

What a great loss, if these records of Albertís are never located, or have been destroyed! I will persevere! Expect to hear from me, as research continues! Keep searching for your elusive ancestors Ė you WILL find them!

Lady Mary Hendrickson

Mary included this image of Mt. Albion Cemetery, Mt. Albion New York where Albert and his parents are buried and,†she believes, his first wife also.

Mt. Albion Cemetery, Mt. Albion NY