January 17, 2002 - "The Parish of Campsie" Found!

Clan Stirling Online has found THREE MORE copies The Parish of Campsie by John Cameron.  The books were located in Scotland.

The book was orginally published in 1882, then reprinted in 1985 by Strathkelvin District Libraries & Museums.  These copies are 1985 editions, and are NOS (new old stock)  250pg, with an appendix on the calico printing trade in the district.  They are in perfect condition.

There is a great deal of genealogical data on the Stirling family in this book.  Specifically the Glorat, Craigbernard, Campsie and Kincaid branches of the family.  The Lennoxes of Lennox Castle, The Grahams, Fergusons and Buchanans are also featured.  If you want more information on daily life and excitement in late 19th century Scotland, this is one of the best books about the period.

There are only two extra copies to pass along to anyone who would like one.  Sale Price $30.00 + $7.00 shipping, per copy, first-come first serve.  If you are interested in obtaining a copy don't delay, once these two books are gone....  Please email to mcej@clanstirling.org if you'd like a copy.  In coming weeks we'll publish some interesting stories and news here titled "Scenes From Campsie Parish".

Editors Note - In August 2002 one of our Scottish Friends found three more copies of the book in Scotland and sent them to us.  First-come-first serve - hurry!  This book sells out quickly.