January 19, 2002 - What Do You Feel?

Feelings -  Sometimes feelings can be impossible to clearly communicate via words or writing.  Other times feelings communicate so powerfully no words are needed.

This past couple of weeks I've felt many feelings here at Clan Stirling, I've found it difficult to put into words the incredible energy that has been flowing regarding  my  Scottish heritage. 

Feelings -  I remember the first time I went off to bonnie Scotland, my sweetheart Cheri on my arm, a new husband enjoying his honeymoon.  The trip was courtesy of my business partner who had asked the question -  "If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

"Scotland" I said.  The answer took less than two seconds.  I'd never been there. 

Feelings -  Feelings started again as our large white tour bus left London and traveled North.  The closer we got to "the borders" the more "something" we felt.  The grass seemed greener, the light brighter.  When the bus crossed the border into Gretna Green our tour guide welcomed us to Bonnie Scotland.  Wow.

It's not been the same since. 

Although my wife and I weren't married in Gretna Green, we did get to kiss over the blacksmith's anvil!

Later that week our bus made it's way from Glasgow towards the town of Stirling.  It was a beautiful fall morning in late October.  The powerful bus wound up and down small hills, then left and right along a small two lane road barely wide enough for one bus, let alone buses and lorries coming the other way.

Finally the road and land flattened out, over a small rise a rocky crag started to appear.  There it was - Stirling castle in all her glory, standing watch over the valley below like a sentinel standing for all that is Scotland. Wow.

It's not been the same since.

Thanks to the efforts of Rick Stirling we can now post information about Scotland, our Stirling family and our FEELINGS from any computer connected to the Internet and our website in THE ENTIRE WORLD.

As I write this I'm enjoying the whistful melodies of Scotland's Scottish Radio broadcast. The music is flowing over the internet thru a computer sound system.  At the same time I'm trading emails with Rick Stirling,  who is in New York.  As fast as I can type I'm chatting online with a lady in Australia about our Stirling cousins.  All of this AT THE SAME TIME.  Double Wow.

Feelings - Do you have the words?  Do I?  When you hear the word Scotland, what do you feel?  What a wonderful time to be alive.  What a wonderful way to FEEL our Stirling roots. Isn't technology incredible!  We can find history, friends, family members, photos, even music written espically for the ancestral home of our forefathers.  Just a minute ago I received this tune called "Hill of Kier" from Rick.  With luck we'll have a master piper play it for us to share with all of you, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.

Hill of Keir

Feelings - There is that word again.  Have you experienced the intense richness cultural heritage of your Stirling roots?  Mother Scotland endows to her people, uplifts them, encourages them.  No matter how long ago they left her shores, or where in the world they now live, open your heart and mind and you will FEEL IT.

No Stirling family member should ever doubt we share a unique heritage.  Not all of us wear tartan, play the pipes or read Burns, but the bond is there and it is real.  Whether you live in Scotland or the 76 other countries that have paid our website a visit, you'll not forget the experience.  This website is for all of you - please feel free to share.

Yours Aye,
Michael L. Jex - mcej@clanstirling.org