February 11, 2002 - Mail List - What's a Mail List?

Well, we now have two mail lists. Not that the first one was much of a success. It's really amazing that 60 people could suscribe to the Clan Stirling Online! Mail List and then not use it at all. Are you guys all mad at each other? ;-)  I had figured that within a few months you would all be happily chatting back and forth about your families, your research and what-not but that's not the case. I really can't figure out why. All the other family mail lists that I am a member of have lively conversations going on between the 'online cousins' 

For the mail List 'challenged', all you have to do to send a message to the other 59 folks on the list is send an email to clanstirling@clanstirling.net 

Here's an invitation to everyone on the Clan Stirling Mail List to send one email to the list telling us who you are, where you live and what research you are doing and any other thing you would like to share with your cousins. Take 2 minutes, click the link above and introduce yourselves.

Oh yes, I almost forgot ... We now have a second mail list courtesy of ROOTSWEB  the internet genealogy folks. Just click here to subcribe.  Clan-Stirling-L-request@rootsweb.com?subject=subscribe&body=subscribe  When your email program pops up just hit SEND.

Maybe we'll find a chattier bunch over at ROOTSWEB.