March 10, 2002 - CSO's Founder - Doppleganger or ??

Last week we brought news of Clan Stirling Online's mystery man. This week - dopplegangers! (Is that a word....??) All of this an attempt by Rick Stirling to track down Mike Jex, founder of Clan Stirling Online. But which Mike Jex? Being the expert Genealogist and Internut Guru he is, Rick started a search of things far and wide....


Yorkshire 7 dec, 2000 - List Of Council Members, By Sub-Region Learning And Skills Council For Humberside (Chair: Robert Smith. Executive Director: Sheilah Burden)

MIKE JEX: Managing director, LES Engineering Ltd, Grimsby (and regional vice chairman of National Safety Passport). Is this the right Mike? Not Likely!

One recent participant in the ECITB’s ‘Building a Better Business’ Programme is Mike Jex, Managing Director of contract engineers L.E.S. Engineering of Grimsby. He attended the programme along with his company’s newly appointed personnel manager, who is currently reviewing the people issues of the business and updating its human resource sytems.

Mike commented,
"I found the course of great assistance in developing the mind to work with a structured format for people issues and would recommend it to any SME, MD or senior manager looking to develop their business. We are now planning to send a director and personnel manager from one of our other group companies on the programme."

Safety induction 'All our employees undergo a health and safety induction. That's before they do any other kind of induction or even go on-site. Everybody is responsible for safety here - from the first apprentice to the Managing Director, Mike Jex, who gives us plenty of support and is very much involved in safety issues. Mike brought the idea of a safety passport to companies in the Humber area and it has since spread more or less nationwide.'

"the guy in the suit is probably Mike Jex - he looks like a Managing Director .. his safety helmet isn't grimey" - Rick Sterling ;-)

This Mike Jex can spell - "programme" this CAN'T BE Him.

In the category of 'the family that plays together, stays together ..."

BEC CHAMPIONSHIPS HELSINKI 20.-23.5.1998 ( Bowling European Corporate )

76 Team Les Engineering GBR 2158 2231 2142 6531

Richard Jex 608 567 523
Mike Jex 524 591 506
Jackie Jex

Then there is this - what Rick found when he hacked into some secret files ... it was noted in the file that further digitial enhancement may be required to determine if the laptop in use is one of those missing from a certain labs ... Is that a Chevy Logo on the laptop?

So the search goes on. The best chance of finding the correct Mike Jex is at the venues that support his favorite hobby during the summer months, or perhaps poking around in old libraries or book shops. Good Luck!