March 6, 2002 - Stirling Mystery Man - Who is it?

This Stirling gentleman is known by thousands, perhaps millions, but rarely seen in person.  His deep and thoughtful personality are amply visible in this early photograph of him.

As he grew his interest in many aspects of the world about him were equally deep and meaningful.  Here's another shot of our mystery man - taken on Easter Sunday, 1950 - his 6th birthday!  How many folks do you know born on Easter?

Transportation, design, engineering, photography, language, history, culture and music are just a few of the things he's keenly interested in. One of his favorite things was....

Under the hood of this red machine was one of the most powerful engines ever produced.  Inside our Stirling mystery man is one of the purest and most special heart's-of-gold you will ever find in the entire world.  I am deeply honored this fine person calls me his friend.

Do you know who he is?  Have fun discussing on the forum!