January 30, 2002 - Albert Mack Sterling's Papers - Obit Found!

30 Jan 2002 - The latest News From Lady Mary on the hunt for Albert Sterling's papers used to publish the book "The Sterling Genealogy", including Albert's Obituary!

I received, from Mt. Albion Cemetery personnel, the obituary of Albert; the burial lot information; and the cremation record of Ferncliff Crematory.

As frequently happens, there are age discrepancies between the crematory and obituary records.  Following, please find the information from both articles.  Also, the steps I plan taking.

Ferncliff Crematory, Ferncliff Cemetery, Greenburgh, Westchester County, New York.  Dobbs Ferry 1803, Murray Hill 2-4615.  No. 8310.  Date Feb. 14, 1941.  There is an ink-stamped date of May 7th, 1941, with an amount of $5.00.  This form is signed by the Superintendent James W. Boggess.

Know All Men by these Presents, that Albert Mack Sterling,  Male,  White,  67 Years 3 Months 9 Days, Married, Birthplace New York State, Date of Death Feb 12, 1941, Place of Death Residence: 35 W. 90th St., New York, N.Y., Cause of Death, Natural Causes.  Undertaker Stephen Merritt B. & C. Co., 234 Eighth Ave., NYC., Has been cremated at Ferncliff Crematory by authority of cremation permit No. 3907 of Dept. of Health of the City of New York (Manhattan), Dated Feb. 14, 1941, and of Cecil H. Sterling, Wife, Address 35 W. 90th St., New York, NY.  The Ferncliff Crematory Canister numbered 8310, and marked with His name, contains His cremated remains.  Disposition to Undertaker, Interment made 5/5/41.

Burial lot form:  Lot No. 1321 Boxwood Avenue.  Grave Space By deed to: Eugene S. Sterling.  Remarks:  A.M. Sterling and L.A. Pickett, August 1, 1902 Book 3, page 149.  Albert M. Sterling - 1941, Lillian W. 1876-1929, Ellen E. 1835-1904, Eugene S. 1837-1929.

Obituary: (note the incorrect surname of Spaulding, which on the obituary was crossed out, and handwritten across it was Sterling):  Albert M. Spaulding.  Albert M. Spaulding, native of Gaines, died last Wednesday in New York City.  His age was 66.  He received his education at Albion High School, and a New York City art school, and for 40 years has been engaged as an artist on newspapers, and with advertising agencies in Buffalo, Cincinnati, New York, and Syracuse.  Burial will be made in the family plot at Mt. Albion Cemetery.  Mr. Sterling leaves his wife and a daughter, Mrs. Merritt Cutler, in New York.

Conclusion:  I am in the process of emailing Cutler people who live in New York, to be followed-up by personal letters, if needed  I hope to find a child of Albert's daughter, Elizabeth Suissabell Sterling, who married Merritt Cutler.  Better yet, would be to find Elizabeth, though all my attempts to find her, have not proved fruitful, as to date.  I am still in the process of writing newspapers, etc., as mentioned in my last post to you.

Keep your fingers crossed.  If Albert's papers are still in existence, I have faith that I WILL find them! 

Lady Mary - LadyMary@vfw-online.com