March 15, 2002 - Development In Genealogy is BIG NEWS!

It's not often that Clan Stirling Online will plug a commercial website when there is so much information available for free on the Internet. 

newspapers.jpgOne exception is a neat research spot on the internet -  This domain has brought out some really cool stuff for genealogists in the past few years.  In 2001 made the US Federal Census Pages available online for all of us to review, research, and even print.  If you don't have a broadband internet connection it was time consuming to download the images, but having the census pages at your fingertips 24 hours a day seven days a week was a real breakthrough. 

This availability to see, review and print actual images of source information has lead the charge in genealogy research to not only document your source - but have an image file of the actual page.  With hard disk drives that will hold thousands of images costing less than $200, this method of documenting has become quite popular.

So what's next?  NEWSPAPERS!  - has not released their new newspaper system yet, but stay tuned.  Newspapers can be a great source of information about your Stirling roots - from births and marriages to obituaries and best of all - stories about our family members, how they lived, cheered, what they enjoyed, where they worked and everything in between. 

One of my genealogy mentors said to me -  "Mike, you won't truly be a genealogist until you've walked their paths, visited their graves, laughed their laughes, and cried their tears.  When they are as alive and real to you as your own being, you'll start to understand what it's like to count among your experiences getting to really know your ancestors."

Newspapers will help you to live in their time - just the ads selling lotions and salves on the pages are quite enjoyable!  Words like "Hogwart" will take on a whole new meaning!

This BIG NEWS from ancestry will help all of us do that just a little easier.  Visit for more information. 


Michael L Jex