March 18, 2002 - Where is the Clan Stirling Tartan?

Clan Stirling and many family members have been working to make available a Stirling family tartan plaid that was choosen in 1999. Recently some editorial comments were added to a repost of a 1999 Article "New Stirling Family Tartan Chosen", first published August 5th, 1999. We have created a Clan Stirling Online forum topic for discussion of this issue.

Please take some time to review the materials and consider what we should do. There will be additional information and history about this important development posted later this evening.

The original post follows. For all those that have been patiently waiting for this tartan issue to go forward, thanks for your patience, and please help us know what direction to pursue.

Michael L. Jex
mike at clanstirling dot org

Bloomington, Idaho - 5 Aug 1999 The Voting has ended, and we have a Stirling Family Tartan Selected.

Proposed Clan Stirling TartanThe Vote wasn't very close, this pattern, pattern "A", won with over 71% of the vote, followed by the other blue and green pattern, "D". The leading red colored pattern was pattern "B" followed by Pattern "C"

To the thousands of you who voted, our many thanks! Next the pattern will be registered, and a local weaver in Stirling or Bannockburn will be selected to weave the new pattern. If you'd like to order some tartan, a kilt, blanket, or other item, please contact us below.

(Editors Note - The pattern was selected by family members voting via this website. The votes came in from all over the world, over seven thousand of them. A weaver has been selected to print the pattern, but it is pending approval by Francis J. Stirling, who is the current chief of the name Stirling. Francis is not the chieftian of the family, perhaps some of our Scottish family members can explain the differences. We hope to have more word soon.

Many of you have expressed desires to purchase the plaid anyway, without the chief's approval. If you have opinions about this both PRO or CON, we'd love to hear from you.

If you have any ideas on how to move this forward, or would like to get more involved, a committee is being considered to work directly with the Mr. Stirling. Please send an email to mike @ clanstirling dot org if you are interested.

We owe our special thanks to Mr. "Tony" Murray, from the Tartan Historical Society for his help and assistance. Thanks Tony!