September 1, 2002 - Stirling Historian & CSO Friend Passes Away.

Robert McCutcheonStirling Bard Bob McCutcheon Passes Away Saturday Nite.

The Family of Stirling, and the rest of Scotland has suffered a great loss.

The voice of Stirling, Stirling historian and personal friend Bob McCutcheon, passed away late Saturday in his sleep.

This website, and much of the material here was provided by or improved by Bob.  In every way one can imagine his love of history, Scotland, Family, and this endevoour were impacted in many ways.  His contributions to our historical records of Stirling and the surrounding area are impossible to measure.  His passing is a huge loss, to both Kith and Kin.  A number of us are making arrangements to travel to Scotland as soon as possible to pay our respects.

Funeral arrangements are pending.  We will update the site with more information as it becomes available.  Please join with us in remembering Bob and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

In Bob's memory if you'd like to post some of your experiences and feelings for this special man, please send them to Rick Stirling or myself.  We'll make sure they get posted here.

Michael Jex