October 8, 2002 - The Stirlings of Keir - Get Your Own Copy!

For the first time in over 140 years the book "The Stirlings of Keir" by William Fraser is available for purchase.  This book is as rare as hens teeth, just 150 copies were privately published in 1858, most are in private collections in Scotland.  Just three copies are known to exist in America, the only public copy is at the Boston Library and another copy is held at the Yale University Sterling Library.

The Stirlings of Keir and Their Family Papers - Frontspiece
From copy #31 of 150 - Given to Sir Gavin Campbell, 2nd Marquess of Breadalbane,  

Thanks to the folks at the Scottish Genealogical & Historical Research Trust, the book is being digitally scanned and mastered for publication.  The print run is currently scheduled for the beginning of November to allow ample time to make this the best Christmas present any Stirling Researcher could have.

The book is being published on archival quality paper, with the most exacting standards.  The company printing the book is the largest printer of rare family histories in the world.

The cost of the book is $109.00, plus $9.50 for shipping and handling in the Continental United States.  For international orders, shipping will be $15.50-$19.50, depending on location.

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