October 8, 2002 - Keir Book Notice

Seal of Sir James Stirling 5th of Keir
SIX TWO Extra Copies Still Available! - ORDER NOW!
Schedule Change - Printer will deliver books Jan 10th.

The Book "The Stirlings of Keir & Their Family Papers" has been quite an adventure getting completed, we ran into a few delays getting the black & white images to look the way we wanted.  The pages had to be re-edited, updated, converted, reprinted, and hand inserted into the masters, so it's taken a little while longer.  The printing company was also closed the week after Christmas.  Thanks for your patience.

We've made six extra copies on this print run, but just two copies remain!  If you'd like one of them, please let us know ASAP!  Thanks for your patience.  The wait will be worth it!

The Book is just $129.00, which includes shipping & handling.

Click here to order your copy.