July 19, 2002 - New Email Friends at Clan Stirling

One of the most enjoyable experiences here at Clan Stirling Online is the opportunity to met people from all over the world.  Recently Clan Stirling was lucky enough to forge a new e-mail friendship with Alistair Hill, who lived right across from Cambuskenneth Abbey on the other side of the river forth. 

Alistair found Clan Stirling with one of the many search engines on the Internet, and had this to say about living in Stirling, and Clan Stirling Online.

"I'm Impressed by your page on the Abbey.  I lived immediately opposite it (on the other side of the Forth) for several years and, ridiculously, never visited." said Hill.

"I do have to say, though, that while the Forth is very pretty in the warmer months, when it flooded the block of flats opposite the Abbey I was not amused!  Haven't lived there since 1996, but always on the lookout for interesting stuff on the net..."  he continued.

Mr Hill also mentioned a 1700's print of the abbey that is part of his own personal collection.  He kindly scanned it and sent it to all of us to enjoy.  Here it is!

Cambuskenneth Abbey Print from 1773
Cambuskenneth Abbey Print from 1773 - submitted by Alistair Hill.

Thank you Mr. Hill, thanks for sharing this wonderful piece of history.

If you go to Stirling, I strongly recommend you visit Cambuskenneth.  It's a quiet spot, steeped in history.  Walk over and enjoy the centuries old apple trees nearby.

Good Luck on your Family searches!

Peace. - Michael L. Jex