August 4, 2002 - 3,000,000 Hits at Clan Stirling

Clan Stirling Online crossed another milestone during the day of August 3rd, the three millionth hit was recorded just before noon.  The millionth hit was a pretty big deal - but in just 18 months we've passed the million marker TWO MORE TIMES!

This website started life as a simple way to share information between a brother, his mom, and four sisters.  The internet made it easier to share information - no running to the copy store, and having to post packages in the mail.  It's grown just a bit - there have now been visitors from 80 countries around the world, and there is family information for Stirlings living on every continent on earth.  It has lead to three trips to bonnie Scotland, and the experiences that will take lifetimes to share with all.  As we've learned more, it's opened up to the four corners of our planet.  It's not uncommon for us to have phone calls from excited family members from Australia, New Zealand, Uruguay, South Africa, Scotland, Ireland, Denmark and more.  We've laughed together, shared the joy of finding that lost cousin, or uncle or father, we've cried together when one of us has passed on to the other side, and is no longer with us.

3 Million Hits on CSO recorded on August 3, 2002.

Without Rick Stirling's expertise and help this milestone would not have happened this quickly, his wonderful sense of website design and style have truly helped us be one of the most elegant Clan websites for any family in Scotland and the rest of the world.  HIs handiwork makes it possilbe to post information to the site from anywhere in the world, and to enjoy your photos and reports first hand.

Many of you may not know there are over 15,000 pages of information on the website.  We encourage all to use the search engine to find things.  There is much more here than the posts from the last month!!  We have one of the most comprehensive photo and print databases of Stirling Castle available online.  There are boxes of information you've sent to include on these pages about your own families that we've not gotten "online" yet, our apologies for being so slow, but we're trying to catch up. 

If you'd like to get involved, please drop rick or me an email.  We'd love your help!

There are some big news and new projects in the works - stay tuned and we'll provide more information soon.  Our special thanks to all our cousins, brothers and sisters, and relations all over the world!  Here we come - "GANG FORWARD!"

Michael L. Jex