2005 News Article

Scotland asks Wallace Letter Be Returned

A letter carried by Scots hero William Wallace may be returned to Scotland.

The letter, is known as The Safe Conduct, it was being carried by Wallace when he was seized in August 1305 in Robroyston near Glasgow. The letter was written by the King of France, it was meant to grant Wallace safe conduct to visit the Pope. The letter has been archived in London since Wallace was tried and executed.

A motion has been filed by Jim Mather, Highlands and Islands SNP MSP at the Scottish Parliament to have the document brought back to Wallace's homeland. In August a memorial service was held for Wallace at Westminster Hall in London to commemorate 700 years since his death.

Mr Mather said: "In 2005, the 700th anniversary of William Wallace's death, I feel it would be highly appropriate if this document were to be returned to Scotland. Once here it could be properly displayed and provide a rare tangible link to the national hero, who led the nation at the start of the Wars of Independence. That is why I have tabled a parliamentary motion urging the National Library of Scotland along with the Scottish Museums and the National Archives of Scotland to campaign to achieve this end."